Cat boarding

Keaau, HI's 5 star pet hotel

A resort getaway for your cat on the Big Island

When you leave your cat at The Bar-King Dog Kennel in Keaau, HI you can relax in the knowledge that it is being fully taken care of. We are not just a home away from home; we are like a five star pet hotel. Your cat will be safe, comfortable, well looked after. Our caring pet sitters will make sure your best friend has a great time.

Pickup & Delivery Services Are Available For All Pets

Cats at our pet hotel in Keaau, HI

Single and deluxe rooms

Like any good hotel, we  provide accommodation for singles and doubles.  For $13 a night your cat can have a beautiful private room (5' x 4' by 8' high) with a comfortable  bed to sleep on.  The deluxe room is $15 per night and for an extra $6.50 per cat can  accommodate cats from the same family who like to snuggle up and play together.  If you just want to give your single cat an upgrade, you can request the larger (6' x 5' by 8' high) deluxe room for one! Naturally all the things your kitty needs during its stay will be provided by our facility. This includes bedding, food, food and water bowls, litter and litter pans. You are welcome to bring in other items to help make your feline friend feel even more at home. Feel free to talk to our staff about any special needs your cat may have when making your booking.
Kitten at our Keaau, HI pet hotel

Kitty suite

The kitty suite is our largest room for cats (5' x 8' and 8' high) and is large enough to fit a family of 5 felines! Because it has a partition, it allows the kitties to be separated into different areas if a squabble should break out between family members.  All of our kitty rooms have a view to the outside while  keeping  your special one safe and secure. 

Suite - $19.50 a night
$6.50 for each additional cat sharing the suite.
Cats enjoying healthy food at a pet hotel in Keaau, HI

Food, health & safety

At The Bar-King Dog Kennel's pet hotel in Keaau, your beautiful, four legged best friend will be treated to exceptional quality Science Diet® meals and, at your request, professional grooming. If your cat has specific dietary requirements we can cater to their individual needs.  Just bring in your special food along with your feeding instructions.

We have the resources and facilities to keep your cat looking its best with cleaning and grooming. Our caring pet sitters adhere to the highest standards of health and safety for your cat.
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